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We deliver secure and resilient security products to assist your organisation in providing a secure solution to your clients. Partner with us for assurance and peace of mind.

Empowering Organisations with Practical and and Customized Security Solutions

Welcome to Simard Informatique et Reseaux. We specialize in various security services, including SIEM implementation, security framework design and implementation, vulnerability management and IT consulting. Our broad range of exposure from various organisations helps us guide you in making informed decisions and simplify security.

Welcome to Simard Informatique, your personal partner in IT Security. Empowering businesses to securely operate in today’s environment.

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Years of Experience

Over 30 years of combined expertise for any challenge your organisation is facing.


Experienced Technology Professionals Trust Us

Our customers always appreciate honest and clear, straightforward security context. With 80+ security assessments, we take security seriously.


Transforming Business Requirements in Concrete Actionable Workflows

Our team has completed several successful projects, delivering practical and innovative solutions with outstanding results.


Experienced Technology Professionals

Delivering top-notch service to many satisfied customers, exceeding expectations every day, our security professionals have solutions to meet your needs.

Simard Informatique et Réseaux can greatly enhance your organisation’s security posture.

Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

Simard Informatique et Réseaux is a proud partner of Fortinet and Tenable, ensuring the right products can be embedded into your organisation and none of the fluff.